Monday, August 05, 2002

*Current Mood* Grumpy (-_-)
*Thoughts* R.I.P Chick Hearn 1915-2002
*Song Of The Moment* "Heaven"-DJ Sammy & Yanou

...Argh! Today was the most boringest day of my..week..haha..DUH! it's monday, siLLy! Anyway..What'd I do today? Hmm..I woke up at uh..8:30am'ish cause of my's like..his thing to wake me up in the morning..haha. Then i went back to sleep..Mama woke me up again at 10am..and said "be ready by 12pm" cause i had to go to Alemany & drop off that "FACTS" payment shit..i's dummb! But yeah...Got out of bed at 11:30am..took a shower..Daddy came home..brought me Wendy' yeah..for some odd reason, he bought me a KIDS MEAL..and i was hooked on the toy [stuart little!] ;D hah, it's cute! Well, yeah, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, then drove to Alemany..DAMN, it was hot! Then blah blah blah, you get? good! -=P Then i watched TV!!! yay!!! slept more, slept again, and again...and of course AGAIN! why? cause i love sleep! ;D then that leads me to around*shocking* Chick Hearns died :'( Then..ate my dinner..and went online..cause i'm one hell of a bored ass chiQ! aiite..til then..peace!

Sunday, August 04, 2002

*Current Mood*..chillin'..thinkin'.. =|
*Thoughts*..i wonder if he's better off w/ her than me :'/
*Song Of The Moment* "I'll never find someone like you"-Keith Martin

Hi..Hm, i've always wanted one of these Blogger thingys! Finally got one =P well..yeah. It's currently 1:21AM, so obviously i can't post what has been going on i'll just mention what happened yesterdays! Well..I went to Margo's [Mason Park]..It was fun & interesting..haha, it's great to see everyone again..i miss you guys! Aww, Grl racers were there..'cept for Katrina [sweetgrlracer]--But anyway..We chilled there..had fun..ran up the hill like know, all that lil kid stuff! haha, but anyway..we left [me,jenn,monica,jackie & ejay] left around 6'ish PM..Thanx for taking us home Ejay..=P but ya! we went to Jamba Juice/Starbucks before going home..and we [atleast me and ejay] were talking about..if its okay Pimpin it while on a BREAK so yeah..i told him it's kool..but just knowin ..i put us on a break just last week..[no,we're not on a break nemore] and i said it's kool if u pimp it i guess...and he said "watch..i'm gonna keep that in mind" so yeah..knowing what i've been through..i responded directly [in front of jenn,monica & jackie] and said to Ejay..."yeah! just like how i keep HER in mind..huh?!" and we just both Shut'm like..mad right now..and wanna be with him..but it hurts..ya know? =\ Luckily i didn't make this blogger last week..or else you'd hear my whole..jealousy phase..which isn't a good sight. ANYWAY! i saw Bryant at NORTHRIDGE today!!! aww..hi bryant! hehehehe...okie..thats all..byEee!!